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The only way for China's machinery manufacturing enterprises to transform their services or become a development


In recent years, with the rapid growth of raw materials, manpower and financing costs, the lack of internal talent training mechanisms has long left the low-cost advantage of China's manufacturing industry. In May 2012, China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) was 50.4%, down 2.9 percentage points from the previous month. This data from the National Bureau of Statistics once again confirmed a serious objective fact - China's manufacturing industry production The growth rate has slowed down noticeably, and China's machinery manufacturing industry has been in crisis.


Lan Xiaohua, a special researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the government has already pointed out a strategic way out for China's machinery manufacturing industry - "adjusting transformation, innovation and upgrading" and proposing the goal of "promoting manufacturing from big to strong." “Adjusting transformation, innovation and upgrading” not only covers the new all-round competitiveness requirements of machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also the core key to the major transformation projects faced by Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises in a new industrial environment. Plastic value capability system and improved intelligent operation management.


As a branch of machinery manufacturing industry, although the overall development has maintained a growth trend driven by market demand in recent years, from the perspective of industry structure, China’s mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises are still in the low-end, many The high-end sector is still occupied by foreign investors; internally, the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is no longer exclusive to state-owned large enterprises, more and more private enterprises are beginning to rise, and the competition in the entire industry is becoming increasingly hot. In addition, many industry characteristics such as complex product structure, insufficient technological innovation capability, strict product management, and strict equipment management requirements have become the key factors hindering the development of China's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.


At present, China's machinery manufacturing enterprises under the strategic transformation of smart operations, it is necessary to have the following five basic skills for survival - independent innovation capabilities, supply chain integration capabilities, fine cost control capabilities, manufacturing service capabilities and key process manufacturing capabilities. Luo Baihui, head of the China Manufacturing Champion Alliance, believes that if Chinese machinery manufacturers want to successfully transform from a sluggish industrial environment more quickly, they will not only rely on the comprehensive improvement of the "combat power" of key competitive skills, but also need to be The field has completely transformed into a “service” enterprise, because this has become the general trend of transformation of the entire manufacturing industry.