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SN1 series semi-straight side high precision presses-SN1-200
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+  High rigidity

High-rigidity, S-straight side frame, even loading within structural parts, balanced rigidity, ensure the accurate and stability in pressing.

+  Balanced centre of gravity

In same center of slide board balance device and slid board, guarantee machine running in smooth, and the replaced slide board bears even force ensuring the high-precision running in stable.

+  High-precision

Semi-straight side frame, further fit high precision constant mould press.

+  Automatiztion processing

The abrasive sections of crabkshaft,gear,gearshaft are treated by hardening heat treament and followed milling processing, with high abrasion resistant and balance performance, as well as stable performaces. Ensure quality and using life of punch.

+  Automatiztion processing

Can equip all automatic feeders for automatization production, reduce the cost, promote efficiency.

+  Environment-friendly, energy-saving

Attractive appearance, low noise, low consumption, save energy,reflected the advanced design ideas by smooth and simplification appearance.

● Technical parameter

MODEL   SN1-200
Item   S H L
Capacity ton 200
Rated Tonnage Point mm 6 4 6
Stroke Length mm 150 100 200
Stable Speed s.p.m 50 65 35
Speed Changing s.p.m 30~60 40~90 20~50
Die Height mm 410 435 450
Counterbalancer Capacity
kg 800
Slide Adjustment mm 110
Bolster Area(L.RxF.B.) mm² 1150×650 1150×850
Slide Area(L.RxF.B.) mm² 850×650
Slide Opening(F.B.xH) mm 650x410 850×450
Air Pressure kg/cm² 6
Stable Speed HPxP 15x4
Speed Changing HPxP frequency conversion 20x4
Slide Adjusting Motor HPxP 1×4
Die Cushion   M6-400-100
Air Pressure kg/cm² 9
Die Cushion Capacity ton 14
Pad Area(L.RxF.B.) mm² 640×470
● Wide application fields

outacplex products are widely used in the industries of electrical motor and electric appliances manufacturing,automobile manufacturing,household electric appliances,meters and instruments,medical facilities,hardware etc.

● Accessories
Accessories Standard
Hydraulic over-load protector
Slide adjust device
Die height indicator
Balance device
Rotary cam switch
Crank angle indicator
Power supply
Electrical stroke counter
Preset counter
Preset counter
Air source receptacle
Over-run safety device
Maintenance tool box
Operation manual
Accessories Optional
Grease Pumb
Pneumatic die cushion device
Foot switch
Quick die change device
( Die lifter,clamp and die arm sepjes)
Slide knock-out device
Misfeed detection consent
Anti-vibration press consent
Photo-electronic safety device
Die room light
● Tonnage & energy,stroke curve
● Machine dimensions
Item S H L
A 1690
B 3790 3865
C 1150
D 650 850
E 850
F 650
G 1020
H 560 530 650
I 1200
J 700 900
K 570 610
L 1770 1870
M 1490
N 2480 2680
O 1770
P 1618 1683
Q 3900
● Mass production