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SL1 series semi-straight side high precision presses-SL1-200
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+ Halfclose integrated frame suitable for precision continual mould processing.

+ Without defect of frame throat opening in C-type press Can save mould maintenance cost.

+ High rigidity frame can make sure stable and precision with long time.

+ Safely,humanized and multifunctional Electric system.

+ Matching with all kinds ofautomatic auxiliary equipments operation easily.

+ Link gear structure have characteristic of fast dropping low processing and fast upturn.

+ Mould is flexible of low speed touching Decrease librations noise and heating extending mould life and increase precision and efficiency.

● Technical parameter
MODEL   SL1-200
Item   S L
Capacity ton 200
Rated tonnage point mm 6 6
Stroke length mm 150 200
Stable speed s.p.m 50 35
Speed changing s.p.m 30~60 20~50
Die height mm 410 450
Maximum counterbalancer capacity kg 800
Slide adjustment mm 110
Bolster area(L.RxF.B.) mm 1150×650 1150×850
Slide area(L.RxF.B.) mm 850×650
Side opening(F.BxH) mm 650x410 850x450
Air pressure kg/cm² 6
Stable speed HPxP 15x4
Speed changing HPxP frequency conversion 20x4
Slide adjusting motor HPxP 1×4
Die cushion   M6-400-100
Air pressure kg/cm² 9
Capacity ton 14
Pad area(L.RxF.B.) mm 640×470
● Wide application fields

outacplex products are widely used in the industries of electrical motor and electric appliances manufacturing,automobile manufacturing,household electric appliances,meters and instruments,medical facilities,hardware etc.

● Accessories
Accessories Standard
Hydraulic over-load protector
Slide adjust device
Die height indicator
Balance device
Rotary cam switch
Crank angle indicator
Power supply
Electrical stroke counter
Preset counter
Preset counter
Air source receptacle
Over-run safety device
Maintenance tool box
Operation manual
Accessories Optional
Grease Pumb
Pneumatic die cushion device
Foot switch
Quick die change device
( Die lifter,clamp and die arm sepjes)
Slide knock-out device
Misfeed detection consent
Anti-vibration press consent
Photo-electronic safety device
Die room light

● High porfor mance link drive

● Tonnage & energy,stroke curve
● Machine dimensions
Item S L
A 1690
B 3790 3865
C 1150
D 650 850
E 850
F 650
G 1020
H 560 650
I 1200
J 700 900
K 570 610
L 1770 1870
M 1490
N 2480 2680
O 1770
P 1618 1683
Q 3900
● Mass production