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TK1 series toggle type forging press-TK1-650
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+ Save material

Compared with machining, general can save 40% - 40%. Alone will change between hot forging for cold forging can save material between 20% - 40%.

+ Improve the machinery

By forging processing, grain can be ultra-rnicronization model.the, tensile strength will increase to about 2 times. Between cold forging can improve mechanical and other classics are available for a cheaper material.

+ High deformation rate

Metal is a tension will be the thing, but the beat, compression and extension will be not easy to break. In cold forging materials comprehensive compression and deformation, which can get high deformation rate.

+ Products of high precision surface smooth

After processing the surface roughness of a mu.

+ Improve the productivity

Between cold forging can simply make such as is convex or meat thick at the bottom of the different shape of complex products. Furthermore, in the machining process of cutting,asymmetric part of the production is very difficult, but it is relatively easy to achieve between cold forging.

● Technical parameter
MODEL   TK1-650
Capacity ton 650
Rated Tonnage Point mm 8
Stroke Length mm 160
Strokes Per
S.P.M Continuous 25-35
C.P.M Intermittent
With fan cooling
Die Height(S.D.A.U) mm 400
Maximum Upper Die Weight kg 1000
Bolster Area(L.RxF.B.) mm 600×700
Slide Area(L.RxF.B.) mm 450×550
Slide Adjustment mm 15
Bolster Thickness mm 150
Keep The Air Pressure Kg/cm² 5
Main Motor HPxP 50HPx6P
Precision JIS(CNS)
Bed Knockout  
Capacity Tons 30
Stroke mm 70
3-Axis Transfer Unit  
Feed pitch 145
Clamping stroke mm 35
Lift stroke mm 15
Inner distance of feed bars mm 110
Strokes per minute S.PM. 40
Feed direction(front-to-rear)  
● Wide application fields

outacplex products are widely used in the industries of electrical motor and electric appliances manufacturing,automobile manufacturing,household electric appliances,meters and instruments,medical facilities,hardware etc.

● Accessories
Accessories Standard
Slide block and mold balance device
Electric slider adjustment device
Electric slider adjustment device
Electric slider adjustment device
Circulation lubrication oil feeder
Rotary cam switch
Programmable controller P.L.C
Electronic crankshaft Angle indicator
The electronic speed indicator
Digital high indicator
Makes known metal socket
Rotary disc operation
Safety and security of ladder
Air to blow connector(3/8")
Air source connector(3/8")
Maintenance tools and tool box
Operating instructions and
precision inspection table
Mobile T work station
Accessories Optional
The flywheel brake
Photoelectric safety device
The upper slider lifter device
Electric butter lubrication device
The main motor reversing device
Load test(secutity)device
Preset counter
The inverter
Foot switch
Mold lamp
Power single-phase 110v socket
Power single-phase 220v socket
Shockproof device
Safety gear block and safety pin
Maintenance with hours timer
Screw and base plate
Attached to the detector double
solenoid valve
Quick die change equipment
(on the die,die,die for,move mould
Automatic feeding device
● The characteristics of the toggle type punch
● The slider linkage device

The slider actuation: Slider to have balance left and right sides of the actuating cylinder,in order o balancetheweight ofthe slider.Inthe abovethe upper and lower two toggle through the wrist pin onnecting rod will slide block. crankshaft,and the crankshaft connecting rod.Then to the crankshaft rotation transform to toggle linkage swaying motion.which make the slider movement up and down.

● The lower lifter device

Institutions actuation: At the top of the desk tray and cradle will product the lifter device, by loading on the crank shaft end CAM and rocker arm, let the linkage actuator inside the base, to make lifter rod moves up and down.

● Machine dimensions
TKP-650 1900 1500 4150 600 5060 450 700 1000 560 1750 1100 2460 3095
● Mass production